“Suddenly I have to go and live to work in Indonesia!”
“I have to go back my home country from Indonesia!”
“I was ordered to move work to other countries than Japan”
“I have to do a lot of complicated things but I do not know how to do about moving to overseas, it seems so tough”

PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding - Moving 1

PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding will support consistently from survey ~ packaging ~ storage management ~ domestic / international transport to customs procedures on behalf of the customer.

PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding, the professional experienced forwarding company ensure your moving.


Full Service by Japanese staff and providing you enquiry correspondence survey, attendance and after care


Schedule coordinate by considering your itinerary or visa application
*Need your advance information for well considered schedule


[Japan/Overseas to Indonesia]

  • Survey/Quotation

    Planning for your schedule

  • Carry Out

    Pack up and pick up your belongings

  • Freight Forwarding

    Arrange AIR or OCEAN on your request

  • Customs Clearance

    Pick up your passport and other documentation

  • Delivery / Bring In

    Delivery by attendance of Japanese Staff


[Indonesia to Japan/Overseas]

  • Survey/Quotation

    You can contact us in Japanese

  • Carry Out

    Pick Up and Collect Cargo Attendance by Japanese Staff

  • Customs Clearance

    We can arrange documentation at the Customs

  • Freight Clearance Documentation

    Arrange AIR or OCEAN on you request

  • Delivery / Bring In

    Our colleague in Japan will deliver your Personal Effects