For all the business, the most important thing is to deliver products or parts to destination at an appropriate schedule and cost.
Sea and air transportation by PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding, we have a variety of service menus according to your requested delivery schedule and budget.
In addition, we respond to various needs like equipment with technical transportation for complex logistics tasks related storage, customs clearance, distribution processing, inventory control and so on.

Reliable transportation procedure

You can choose a highly reliable transportation schedule from the route among major ports/airports to suit your needs.


We provide consistent transportation to match your supply chain to optimize the cost.


We propose customized international transportation considering your cost and lead time. We can also handle small package, heavy cargo and Dangerous Goods as well as general cargoes.

Global Network

You can enjoy YAMATO global network as well as Japan Nationwide Network.

Model Case

We arrange Just In Time delivery and control you stock through our Logistics warehouse as “ONE STOP SERVICE”.
PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding - Freight Forwarding Business

1 . Supplier

  • Local Manufacturer
  • Oversea Factory

> Multi-Trucking

> Advance info.

  • Component Parts
  • KD Parts
  • Semi-Products
PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding - Freight Forwarding Business

2 . Logistics Center

  • Un-Packing
  • Inspection
  • Destination Sorting
  • Picking

> JIT Delivery

> Advance info.

  • Merchandise
  • Products
PT Yamato Indonesia Forwarding - Freight Forwarding Business

3 . Procurement Trader

  • Manufacturer
  • Merchandiser