FAQ about Moving Abroad

How early should I prepare for moving?

There is no specific time limit, but please ask us to survey your personal effects 2 months in advance.

Please note that in March and April is the peak of the return rush and the schedule will be crowded. We recommend that you book as early as possible.
There would be a case that we cannot respond to your desirable date if you request only 1 or 2 weeks beforehand.

I'd like to bring a disposable contact lens to Japan...

Disposable contact lenses can be brought in is up to two months (for private use only). Therefore, please note that there are difference of quantity between 1 day-set and 2 day-set of contact lends.

Is it necessary to prepare tip and lunch on the day of moving for moving staff?

No. With our policy, we do not accept any tip or lunch. Please feel free to use our services.

I am not sure about the address in Japan yet, can I ship my personal belongings?

Of course, yes. Your cargo will be kept in Yamato’s warehouse in Japan. Within one month after custom clearance, we will keep your luggage, free of charge. However, charge will be applicable for storage more than one month period.

What should the consignor (= customer) do about moving?

All you have to do is sorting out your things (to throw away, to be sent by air or be sea) by the “work day”, then give packing instructions. And kindly provide us “unaccompanied baggage declaration” at the arrival airport Yamato office.

For documentation and customs clearance you can leave it to us.

Should I do packing by myself?

Leave it to us PT. Yamato Indonesia Forwarding  will do the packing for you.

What is a Packing List?

The packing list (packing statements) is a list of the items inside the packed luggage. It is used for customs declaration and application for insurance.

What is Volume Weight?

In the case of moving, there are items that is large at size, but light at weight, such as futon. If it is light and bulky items like a futon, the price is determined by the volume weight.
Volume weight is calculated by length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 6000.

By comparing such volume weight calculation to the actual weight, the bigger figure is applied to the fare.

I want to move my residence to a country other than Japan...

Of course yes.

How do I pay the charges?

For individuals case, Kindly pay charges in advance before delivery. Payment to local banks in Japan or in other delivery countries is not allowed. However, overseas remittances to Indonesia is available.

How long will it take to Japan?

For shipping service, it will take about 40 days. Please send by air your personal items you may use immediately after moving. It takes about 7 to 10 days after your arrival in Japan and submission of declaration.

I would like to pick up my luggage on weekends in Indonesia

We accept luggage pick up on Monday – Friday, and Saturday morning (except Sundays and public holidays).
Depending on the apartment, there may be regulations on working hours. We will check for your in advance

I would like to deliver it to several places.

Delivery to multiple locations is also available. For details, please contact our company PT. Yamato Indonesia Forwarding.

I would like you to bring it into the room

Do not worry. We can provide full package service which includes carry into room.

I would like you to unpack my belongings in Japan

Yes, we can. The service is a full package service which includes unpack box.
※ If air cargo is less than 150 kg, it will be delivered to your front door without unpacking.

I have luggage in trunk room of other company, can Yamato deliver it for me?

No Problem. It is OK. Even if you have luggage stored in other company’s storage, Yamato can pick it up from them to deliver it. Please let us know in advance, if you have such case when estimation.

Moving to Indonesia FAQ

I am going to move to within inside Indonesia...

Do not worry. We can also handle moving in Indonesia.

I am relocating my company's office to within inside of Indonesia domestically...

Of course yes. We can also handle office moving and relocation inside of Indonesia.