About Us

Yamato Indonesia Forwarding is established in the year 2017 and is part of Yamato group. Our main business includes global international freight forwarding, international/domestic moving service, and In-House Logistics service. With the connectivity of Yamato global network and years of experience, we are committed to provide innovative supply chain and logistics solutions for our customers.

Key Services


Company Name PT. Yamato Indonesia Forwarding
Date of Foundation October 2017
Office Location Cengkareng, Marunda, Jakarta, Semarang
Facilities & Network
  • Cengkareng Airport Head Office:
    Kompleks Pergudangan Soewarna Unit E6 Soewarna Business Park Block B Lot7-8 Tangerang 15126, Indonesia


  • Marunda Seaport Office:
    Kawasan Marunda Center Blok B No. 1, 41 & 42Jalan Marunda Makmur Desa Segaramakmur Kec. Taruma Jaya – Bekasi 17211, Indonesia


  • Jakarta City Office (Moving):
    Wisma Keiai,Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav.3 Jakarta


  • Semarang Branch:
    Wisma HSBC Jl Gajah Mada No.135 Semarang

Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy

Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy

Structural Diagram of the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy

Company Precepts

1. We ‘all’ represent the company
2. We deliver with a personal touch
3. We work with gratitude and politeness

Management Philosophy

Yamato Group helps to enrich our society by enhancing its TA-Q-BIN network as social infrastructure, creating more convenient services for comfortable lifestyles, and developing innovative logistics systems.

Corporate Stance

1. Pursuit of customer satisfaction
2. Respect for human life
3. The pleasure of work
4. Adherence to laws and fair practices
5. A corporation trusted by the local community
6. Promoting environmental protection
7. Protection of personal information
8. Communication and mutual benefits
9. Disclosure of corporate data and accountability practices
10. Response to allegations of corporate misconduct

Employee Code of Conduct

1. Our role as a member of society
2. Action based on laws and ethics
3. Strict observation of workplace rules
4. Creation of a work environment that respects human character
5. Maintaining favorable relations with business partners
6. Providing the best possible service to customers

Message from President Director

We hope to be a company that continues to create new value for the good of society and people. Not only that, we believe that our mission is to fulfill the expectations of our customers and of society, find new needs created by the changing times and produce worthwhile services in response to them. We will, more than ever, strive to become the most loved and most trusted company in Indonesia and the rest of Asia by producing new value for the good of society and people.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.